Terms of use

By purchasing the kit or the assembled device, you agree to the following terms.


1. Sets are equated to sales of electronic components. Assembly you carry out independently at your own risk and risk, relying on your own experience.

Claims for components, or for the operability of the assembled product, will not be accepted. We collected and verified the n-th number of copies and the performance of the boards, as well as the components used in this design, we have no complaints. Once the set is taken, it means that for the creative process and in case of unforeseen circumstances, it is necessary to find out the reason on the spot.


2. The complete design we manufacture is self-made, the adjustment of which is done manually and does not fall under the category of certified products, since all nodes are amateurish developments and do not have state acceptance, nor are they approved by various GOST and TU.

From our side, only replacement of the assembled structure is possible in case of its inoperability through the fault of the manufacturer, repair of the product and consultation.

We reserve the right to partially change the configuration and circuitry does not degrade the performance of the nodes.


QRPver Administration