SSB transceiver direct conversion short-wave, ten-band, multi-band. QRPver DC-3001 using a phase shift system (phase shifter)

This is a small-size 10 band short-wave QRP transceiver.

The transceiver is built according to the transceiver scheme with direct frequency conversion.

The device is controlled by the microcontroller STM32F100. As a local oscillator, a frequency synthesizer is used on the SI5351 chip

This transceiver is designed to work in the lower (LSB) and upper (USB) sideband by both a telephone (SSB) and a telegraph (CW). It is possible to work in digital communication modes "DIGI" (JT / PSK / BPSK / FSQ and all the others ...).

On board the transceiver there is a USB (UART to USB) port for connecting to a computer to control the transceiver from amateur programs, using the CAT protocol "Kenwood TS-440"

The transceiver has small dimensions of 100x103x30 mm. and a light weight of 430 grams. It will suit both for work on the field trip, on nature, at the dacha .... So for everyday work, at home.


Power supply voltage: 9-14.8V (Rated supply voltage 13.8V)

Consumed current in the "RX" receiving mode and 25% loudness: ~ 120mA. At 100% loudness: up to  ~ 250mA.

Consumed current in TX transmission mode: ~ 500-700mA.

The output power of the low-frequency amplifier is 1W.

Nominal output power of the transmitter: ~ 5W. (at rated supply voltage). And more, a maximum of 9W.

The input output impedance of the antenna input is 50 ohms.

Sensitivity of the receiver on all ranges: ~ 0.5μV.

Suppression of the carrier signal: ~ 90dB.

Suppression of the non-working sideband: ~ 80dB.

The dynamic range of the AGC system is ~ 80 dB.

Dynamic range for detuning more than 25kHz:  ~ 120dB.

Receiver Bandwidth:

CW mode: 400-1500Hz. with a step of 100Hz.

LSB / USB mode: 1600-3200Hz. with a step of 100Hz.

DIGI mode: 3400Hz.

Radiation band of the transmitter:

LSB / USB mode: 2900Hz

DIGI mode: 3400Hz.

(In the range of 60 m, the emission band is 2600 Hz)


Operating frequency bands: 1.8, 3.5, 5 , 7, 10, 14, 18, 21, 24, 28 MHz.

Operating modes: CW, LSB, USB, DIGI.

Manual and electronic telegraph key.

Mode of turning on the transmission by pressing the telegraph key (auto transmission).

Adjustable reception delay (with CW auto transmission on)

Adjusting the speed of the electronic key.

Enable CW self-monitoring mode.

Detuning the receiver relative to the transmitter (CW SHIFT) 0-1500Hz. with a step of 100Hz.

Three modes of AGC: Fast, slow, disabled.

Adjust the brightness of the display. (0-250).

The mode automatically turns off the display when idle. (30 seconds).

For operation in digital communication modes, it is possible to turn on the transmission on mode, with the audio signal on the line input of the transceiver (Audio VOX).

Turning on the audible confirmation of pressing the control buttons.

Ability to control the transceiver by CAT protocol (Kenwood TS-440) via USB port.

Switching the speed of data exchange CAT: 57600, 115200.

The mode of inversion of the display, which can be convenient in some conditions.

Indication of the received signal level (S-Meter) from S1 to + 60 dB.

Indication of power supply voltage.

--The scan mode was deleted.

The transceiver is controlled by five buttons, an encoder and a volume control which are located on the front. There is also a small display measuring 0.96 "

On the back side of the transceiver there are 8 connectors ...

Antenna input (BNC).

Power socket (5mm Power Jack).

A jack for connecting a USB cable (Mini USB).

Line input (3.5mm stereo jack).

Linear output (3.5mm stereo Jack).

Microphone (3.5mm stereo jack).

Telegraph key (3.5mm 4pin Jack).

External speaker (3.5mm 4pin Jack).

Read more - See the documentation.

Since each unit is assembled individually, this time is necessary for assembly, adjustment and testing, the transceiver is sent within 30 and business days.

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All-band HF direct conversion transceiver QRPver DC-3001 Minion Mini

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