74LVC1G3157 this chip from Texas Instruments is a logical switch analog signals.

On this chip can realize high shifter key signal switch bandpass filter range (DFT) and other devices that require switching circuit frequency to 300 MHz

Housing - SOT23-6

Brief characteristics:

Power supply - 1.65 ... 5.5v

Switching frequency - 175 MHz

Checkpoint frequency is through the closed contacts 300 MHz

signal suppression across open contacts -54 dB

Capacity Manager has output relative to the ground 2.7pF

The capacitance between the open contacts 5.2pF

Capacity of open land! User regarding 8.65pF

Capacity closed relative to the ground! User 17.3pF

The resistance between the contacts in an ON state - 6 Ohms

Working teperatura - (-40 to +85 C)

Number of switches - Group 1

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Components - 74LVC1G3157 IC for mixers and RF switching circuits

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