This synthesizer is an extended version of the previously made HF EASY synthesizer.

Ranges of reception / transmission frequencies:

160m. 1810000Hz - 2000000Hz

80m. 3500000Hz - 3800000Hz

40m. 7000000Hz - 7300000Hz

30m. 10100000Hz - 10150000Hz

20m. 14000000Hz - 14350000Hz

17m. 18068000Hz - 18168000Hz

15m. 21000000Hz - 21450000Hz

12m. 24890000Hz - 24990000Hz

10m. 28000000Hz - 28700000Hz

10m. 28700000Hz - 29700000Hz

Wideband TRX Mode 100000Hz - 30000000Hz

Ability to select the desired ranges in the settings menu.

Continuous range of reception / transmission (WIDEBAND TRX MODE), expanded in its capabilities.

For this mode, each VFO bank has ten memory locations M0-M9,

Select the desired memory location using the Up Band and Dn Band buttons.

Modulation LSB, USB, CW, AM. The ability to select the modulation used in the settings menu.

Control ATT (on / off), PRE (on / off), AGC (on / off).

Input from the keyboard frequency TRX.

The frequency tuning step is TRX 1Hz, 10Hz, 100Hz, 1000Hz.


The dual frequency conversion mode with an external oscillator,

VFO = current_freq + external_oscillator + BFO.

Quadrature frequency output for devices constructed using the direct conversion scheme.



CLK0 = freq (phase 0 °)

CLK1 = freq (phase 90 °)

Support for encoders with a large number. ticks per revolution, is adjusted by the divider in the settings menu.

Dynamic frequency tuning function per encoder revolution.

The detuning of the RIT + is 10kHz. Step 1, 10, 100 Hz. Controlling the main encoder.

Indication of the input signal, power and the input supply voltage.

Invert the colors of the screen, for comfortable work in sunny weather outside the room.

Electronic iambic key (10 - 60wpm), mechanical key.

SAT. The Kenwood protocol (TS-440S, TS-480). The speed is 57600, 115200 baud, data bits 8, stop bits 1.


The option in the BAND FREQUENCY MIN menu is the minimum receive / transmit frequency from 100kHz to 29.95MHz.

The option in the BAND FREQUENCY MAX menu is the maximum receive / transmit frequency from 150kHz to 30MHz.


otherwise the synthesizer will set these frequencies to the default (500kHz and 30MHz).

You can set the desired number of bandpass filters (DFT) by dividing a wide range of TRX into sub ranges.

Option in the menu NUMBER OF SUBBANDS from 1 to 16 DFT. The output code for the decoder is 0 - 15.


We use 4 DFT for the entire continuous range (500kHz-30MHz).


FREQUENCY MAX = 30000000 Hz


We consider the parameters for the DFT.

range = Fmax - Fmin = 29500000 Hz

bandwidth = range / number of subbands = 7375000 Hz bandwidth of the DFT.

DFT1 from 500,000 Hz to 7875,000 Hz (500,000 + bandwidth)

DFT2 from 7875000 Hz to 15250000 Hz (7875000 + bandwidth)

DFT3 from 15250000 Hz to 22625000 Hz (15250000 + bandwidth)

DFT4 from 22625000 Hz to 30000000 Hz

TRESHOLD OF SAVE DATA - the threshold for saving the current synthesizer data (frequency, ranges, modulation).

If the voltage drops when the voltage reaches the set threshold, the current operating state of the synthesizer will automatically be saved.

The next time the power supply voltage is applied, the synthesizer will be restored to its previous operating state.


The power supply of the synthesizer is 9 volts.


Function of viewing the spectrum of the received signal (0Hz - 3KHz).

In the user menu, enable AF SPECTRAL.

Adjustment of the speed of the decay of the spectrogram 0 - 4.

The signal amplitude of not more than 1V is applied to the S-Meter input, through a capacitor

with a capacity of 1 mph, also create a displacement of 1.65v at this ADC input by 10k resistors.

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Frequency synthesizer - Frequency synthesizer HF EASY 2017

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