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Specialists will be received with satisfaction the decision of the Japanese firm AOR Ltd. to resume production of a wide-range of the scanning receiver AR 3000A! The appearance in 1992 on the AR-3000A AOR brought the company a real success and has earned the reputation of the company as one of the leading manufacturers of scanning receivers. Despite the absence of a number of features implemented, for example, in modern scanner model AR8600, reliability and high performance allow AR3000A and now find a worthy place in the field of professional and amateur radio.

Main characteristics:

    A wide range: 0.1 - 2036 MHz while maintaining high sensitivity.
    Types of modulation: SSB (USB, LSB), CW, AM, FM, WFM.
    Small size and weight (138h80h200 mm, 1.2 kg), the ability to install in the car.
    The combination of high sensitivity with low intermodulation effects achieved by using bandpass filters 15.
    Programmable step size from 50 Hz to 50 Hz increments setting for SSB and CW modes up to 999, 95 kHz for TV bands.
    High-contrast LCD - display with backlight and extended (12 hours) viewing angle. Indication of parameters and modes of the receiver, the current time, S - meter with the ability to estimate the value of the received signal.
    Easy setup. There are several methods of frequency entry: keyboard, UP and DOWN buttons to move ten times or reduced to 5 times; or with the rotary knob.
    The triple frequency conversion modes SSB (USB, LSB), CW, AM, FM and four for the mode WFM.
    Types of scanning and viewing: programmable, via memory priority, with automatic recording frequency. The delay time is adjustable.
    400 memory banks 4 (4 x100). In each memory cell can be written to the frequency, type of modulation, the RF attenuator setting, the activity state during scanning.
    Built-in timer allows you to program the receiver to switch on automatically at a certain time and off after a preset time, adjustable from 1 to 120 minutes.
    - The port for connection to a computer.
    - Connector type "Jack" -3,5 mm for an external speaker.
    - Pin DIN connector for connecting a tape recorder.
    - BNC IF = 10,7 MHz antenna connector.
    Temperature range 0-50 degrees C


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Receivers - Scanning receiver AOR AR-3000A

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