Payment systems

At the moment, our store accepts payments through the PayPal system and LiqPay

Dear Customer,

if you are not a citizen of Ukraine, and decided to make a payment through the system LiqPey then you must understand that this is an international delivery. Our payment system to protect against unauthorized transfers (hacking) Sq. / Payers cards, using payment verification.
It is possible, in which your credit card will be charged money, and they will be accepted by our bank, but payment will be frozen and shipped to check for 5 days at the same time, your bank (from us), will be sent a request for confirmation of your payment ( in this case you are not required to do anything).

If the response (from your bank) in the 5-day period, will not come, den. / Funds will be returned to you.
If a positive response will come your bank, the payment will be credited to our account.

As a rule, the funds paid by our customers is credited instantly.
Regards, Administration