Option AD9834 + ATmega32 + RDX0154 - the easiest, cheapest option synthesizer which uses synthesis chip AD9834, ATmega32 microcontroller and LCD RDX0154. This option is suitable for simple designs transceivers, receivers in which as FMS (Filter Main Selections) used crystal filter with a frequency range of 5-10 MHz. Widespread version was KF (Quartz Filter) on the so-called quartz resonator (quartz) for PAL on frequency 8.867 MHz. By default, this is the frequency programmed (flashed) to the microcontroller synthesizer. And the exact meaning of it (the drive) can be changed in the service (technical) menu synthesizer. frequency synthesizer 9 HF bands. 28MHz range is divided into three sub-band - 28.000, 28.500 and 29500 other words CW, SSB, FM stations. Or even as a possible option ... (firmware) to intermediate frequency (IF) 500 kHz (EMF 500V or 500N). Variant of the applied EMF ("upper" or "lower") is selected in the service menu synthesizer.

Display size 51х67mm. PCB 49х99mm.


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Finished modules - Universal synthesizer indicator RDX0154

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