Frequency synthesizer HF EASY 2018. This is a universal frequency synthesizer with 2.8 "display which is perfect for your homemade receiver / transceiver design with one or two frequency conversions, as well as for direct conversion constructions.

The synthesizer is built on the microcontroller STM32F103 and the SI5351A chip.

The synthesizer is powered by a 9-15v power supply. and consumes only 140 m.

The synthesizer has a frequency setting by the encoder as well as direct frequency input from the buttons. The encoder can be connected both optical and mechanical.

The synthesizer can display an arrowhead S-Meter or Spectrum.

There is a display of SWR and transmitter output power level.

It has nine contact-outputs for controlling the BPF

control of the attenuator (ATT), preamplifier (PRE) and automatic gain control (AGC).

Contacts outputs mode telegraph (CW), side selection (LSB / USB), transmission (TX).

Built-in USB port for CAT control.

A battery to maintain the date and time.

Ranges of reception / transmission frequencies:

160m. 80m. 40m. 30m. 20m. 17m. 15m. 12m. 10m.

Ability to select the desired ranges in the settings menu.

Modulation LSB, USB, CW, AM. The ability to select the modulation used in the settings menu.

Control ATT (on / off), PRE (on / off), AGC (on / off), LSB / USB.

Input from the keyboard frequency TRX.

The frequency tuning step is TRX 1Hz, 10Hz, 100Hz, 1000Hz.


The dual frequency conversion mode with an external oscillator,

VFO = current_freq + external_oscillator + BFO.

Quadrature frequency output for devices constructed using the direct conversion scheme.



CLK0 = freq (phase 0 °)

CLK1 = freq (phase 90 °)

Support for encoders with a large number. ticks per revolution, is adjusted by the divider in the settings menu.

Dynamic frequency tuning function per encoder revolution.

The detuning of the RIT + is 10kHz. Step 1, 10, 100 Hz. Controlling the main encoder.

Indication of the input signal, swr, power and the input supply voltage.

Invert the colors of the screen, for comfortable work in sunny weather outside the room.

Electronic iambic key (10 - 60wpm), mechanical key.

CAT. The Kenwood protocol (TS-440S, TS-480). The speed is 57600, 115200 baud, data bits 8, stop bits 1.

Option in the BAND BINARY CODE menu - The output code for the decoder is 0 - 9, or the direct outputs are 9 ranges

Function of viewing the spectrum of the received signal (0Hz - 3KHz).

12 buttons for direct frequency entry and function selection.


2 - band up

3- mode

4- pre

5- band down



8-vfo a / b



11 (0) -menu / sys menu

12- direct frequency entry

This synthesizer perfectly fits for the direct conversion transducer "Pilgrim" and similar

The size of the synthesizer board is 100x63mm.

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Frequency synthesizer - Frequency synthesizer HF EASY 2018

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