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Would you build a radio for 144 MHz to?
Hello, I was wondering if you also planned a qrp radio for 144 MHz? Would be great for fieldwork or holidays. 73 Hans PD1AHM
Hans[ 27/05/2017 ]
  • Yes, we plan,

    We are working slowly in this direction
    Support[ 01/06/2017 ]
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Output Power DC-3001 Transceiver
There is no hf output power in ssb when speaking at normal noise. Tested in 20m band. The power goes upt to ~4W when shouting very very loud in the microphone. I would expect 1-2W at normal noise. The microphone is from my Kennwood TS 480. Is there a special microphone needed?
Christian Fuchs[ 13/05/2019 ]
  • There are no special requirements for the microphone. You can use the most ordinary electret microphone.
    Support[ 28/05/2019 ]
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compra de qrpver-1 v3
hola saludos como realizo la compra del ver 1-v.3 ,este esta armado o debo esperar su montaje y como o por que medio realizo el pago (dispongo de cuenta paypal )
jose venegas mardones[ 21/04/2019 ]
  • All the devices we manufacture upon payment, although it happens that we have some positions available. When buying, you must be prepared for what you have to wait for some time. Usually we specify the time from assembly to dispatch on the order page.

    Support[ 21/04/2019 ]
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60m on Single-Freq QRPver?
I already have two of your single-freq xcvrs. I like them very much. Would you also build one to work on one of the 60m channels that I specify?
Robert[ 21/04/2019 ]
  • Email us the frequency that interests you. We need to check if we can make.
    Support[ 21/04/2019 ]
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покупка минион сдр
Приветствую. Будет ли трансивер продаваться наборами для сборки?
Петро[ 05/04/2019 ]
  • Мы не можем дать однозначного ответа, но вполне возможно.
    Support[ 15/04/2019 ]
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Will the SDR Minion have a PSK31 Decoder / CW Decoder on the display?
I know the design is based on connecting to a computer for decoding functions but the display is so pretty, the only thing missing is on display decoding. I have the Minion transceiver (love it very much) and an Elecraft KX3, the best benefit of the KX3 is on screen decoding of CW and PSK31 and the ability to tx PSK31 with your CW key. You already have the waterfall (KX3 does not have a waterfall), can you add decoding to the firmware?
Dan W5DMH[ 08/03/2019 ]
  • In this design, the decoder will not be exactly. Perhaps in the future of our designs we will do it.
    Support[ 11/03/2019 ]
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Why was a power switch NOT included on the DC-3001 Mini-Minion?
Why was a power switch not included on the DC-3001 Mini-Minion? This seems like an odd feature to omit from the design. Will the Minion SDR have a power switch?
Doug Yuill, VE3OCU[ 06/03/2019 ]
  • This is not a required element in the design. You can install the switch on the power cord.

    Perhaps in the SDR we set the switch.

    Support[ 11/03/2019 ]
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when minion SDR publish, and the price
when you will publish minion SDR , and what is the price range?
JUN DAI[ 24/02/2019 ]
  • We are not ready to answer this question. There are still a number of issues that need to be addressed.
    Support[ 11/03/2019 ]
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Syllabic Squelch
Is it possible to add Syllabic Squelch to the DC-3001? If not, can you please consider adding Syllabic Squelch as a feature request for the Mini Minion SDR that is in development?
Doug Yuill[ 18/02/2019 ]
  • No, we do not consider Squelch.
    Support[ 11/03/2019 ]
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Is that a fake shop
I bought and paid already 4 weeks ago, unfortunately nothing delivered
Peter u. Hartmut Schwarze[ 11/02/2019 ]
  • Dear Peter Schwarze,

    You insult us unreasonably.

    1. Last week, a message was sent to you on Skype and by e-mail that the parcel will be sent to you next week (that is, from February 11, 2019 to February 15, 2019).

    2. On the order page it says that the product is shipped within 30 business days. We do not work on weekends and holidays.

    Have patience, we are not robots.

    Support[ 11/02/2019 ]
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Трансивер пилигрим
Здраствуйте Подходит синтезатор к трансиверу Пилигрим
Jonas[ 20/01/2019 ]
  • Не подойдет.

    Вам подойдет этот -

    Support[ 21/01/2019 ]
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Hubertron XF1: Will there be a ready-made finished XF1-rig for purchase like the Minion ?
Marcus Grampp[ 05/01/2019 ]
  • My friend, I have plans in this direction, but I am not ready to answer how soon this will happen.
    UR5FYG[ 11/01/2019 ]
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I would like to build a receiver with HF Easy 2018. What else do I need?
Reinhard[ 10/12/2018 ]
  • At the moment we can offer only this fee:

    Support[ 16/12/2018 ]
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DC-3001 Settings to communicate with WSJT-X Ver 1.9.1?
I've had no success connecting my DC-3001 to my computer, via USB, running WSJT-X, version 1.9.1 No settings seem to allow transmit. RX is working fine. Same issue with Fldigi. Thanks, John
John Abercrombie[ 28/11/2018 ]
  • Check the performance in other programs, for example "Ham Radio Deluxe"
    Support[ 28/11/2018 ]
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TRX nika schematic
I would like to buy the circuit board for the TRX Nika. Is there a schematic when buying this? vy 73 Ralf DL1BQF from Berlin
Ralf Holzmüller[ 26/11/2018 ]
  • You can download the scheme here
    Support[ 28/11/2018 ]
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Заказ на Синтезатор частоты HF EASY 2018
Добрый день. Как доставка на Беларусь организуется? Посылка пойдет из Украины? Лучше чтобы обычной почтой.
Владимир[ 01/11/2018 ]
  • Доставим, международной авиа посылкой (Укрпочта)
    Support[ 01/11/2018 ]
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Will the frequency synthesizer work with the uBIXHF xcvr?
how much is shipping on it and on the Minion?
Roy Wooden[ 29/10/2018 ]
  • If the program correctly supports the TS 440 protocol, it will work.

    When ordering is an automatic calculation of the amount. Just start to place an order and you will see the amount due.

    Support[ 01/11/2018 ]
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FT8 with QRPver-1 v.2
would it be possible to work FT8 with the QRPver-1 v.2 on 14074MHz USB?
Marco DL4MN[ 28/10/2018 ]
  • Yes, we can do it.
    Support[ 01/11/2018 ]
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My transceiver will not receive signals
Hi, I have an older version of QRPver that I bought from your EBay shop about 3 years ago. The RX sensitivity of my rig has been declining steadily over the past year and today no signals were received at all. Do you do servicing/repairs?
Antonio Cucchiara[ 16/08/2018 ]
QRPver-1 v.2 трансивер
Здравствуйте! Есть ли возможность сейчас отправлять трансивер в Россию ? Москва. С уважением Алексей
Алексей[ 27/05/2018 ]
  • Да, такая возможность есть.
    Support[ 07/06/2018 ]
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Болгария, София
Как можно купить у вас? Адрес Болгария, София.
Вилис Георгиев[ 11/05/2018 ]
  • Добавьте товар в корзину и оформляйте заказ.
    Support[ 11/05/2018 ]
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delivery time off QRPver DC-3001
Good evening, I've been interested in your radio, QRPver DC-3001 Minion Mini, I ask how long they foresee from purchase to delivery Well, I noticed that you do not have to deliver immediately Thank you very much
Luis[ 06/04/2018 ]
  • The product page says that the device is assembled within thirty working days. You should understand that all our devices are assembled by hands and not by robots.
    support[ 09/04/2018 ]
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Shipping to Germany
Dear employees of QRPver. Do you send QRP ver-1v.3 to Germany? How much is shipping? Does the QRPver -1v.3 have a CE mark for it to pass through German customs? Thank you ! DL4DRK
Klaus Rademacher[ 20/03/2018 ]
  • Yes, we ship to Germany. Since the premise is private, it does not need any signs. So you will get it anyway.

    When placing an order, the site automatically calculates the amount of your purchase.
    Support[ 22/03/2018 ]
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interconnection wiring
Sorry, here are the boards that I bought and want to connect: Frequency synthesizer Microb v.4 (Microb v.4S) Main board MicrobPRO MB 9 Bands BPF R1 On the videos I see that the Microb and the MicrobPRO MB are plugged back to back but if Iook at the schematics it doesn't mwke sense because for example the encoder signals shouldn't be connected between the two boards.
Yvon[ 12/03/2018 ]
  • The encoder itself does not have an electrical connection to the circuit on the main board except the 3.3v contact. The holes in the main board for the encoder are made only for convenience, like a transition.
    Support[ 12/03/2018 ]
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interconnection wiring
if found the schematics of the synthesizer, the mrb and the filter board but cannot find the connections BETWEEN the boards.
Yvon[ 12/03/2018 ]
  • Could you write more specifically? What synthesizer and with which boards do you need to connect?
    Support[ 12/03/2018 ]
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