NWT-200 spectrum analyzer, SWR meter, power meter, signal generator

Connection to a computer takes place via the USB interface, using chip FTDI232RL. Through it also supplied the power for the device, there is no need for an external power supply.

Apply synthesizer DDS chip AD9851, a single 20 MHz oscillator on the board and is used to clock the microprocessor PIC16F876A, and to clock synthesizer. The synthesizer is set maximum coefficient multiplier x20 allowing his work at a frequency of 400 MHz and generates a signal to 150-160MGts with a very decent quality.

This solution is certainly not conducive to high stability of the frequency of the output signal, but for running the meter response is not important.

The logarithmic detector used the type AD8310, which allows you to change the slope with the help of the feedback resistor, thus adapting to the level of the generator for all possible range of input signals.

Attenuators 10,20,20dB performed on small relay according to the original scheme and provide a very accurate attenuation up to 50dB.

LPF output synthesizer recalculated for the cutoff frequency of 160 MHz.
Power nodes by means of small-size low-noise regulators MCP1603T.
Provided connector for 5V supply options. work together with the instrument. It is protected from possible overloads high-resettable fuse 200mA.

Linearity own response apparatus is shown in Figure

The output voltage of the generator is about 0.3 volts peak value at a load of 50 ohms.

The dynamic range of the AFC-meter turned 80 dB even without special configuration of the detector. The detector output 2.9 volts at the maximum signal from the generator.

In addition to its primary purpose - work as a response meter, the device can also be used as a generator, voltmeter and microwattmeter signals in the range of 100kHz-150MHz.

Using additional devices connected to the device, it can be used as well as the SWR meter (without the possibility of determining the value and sign of reactance) and a spectrum analyzer.

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