I decided to continue working with my recent idea of ​​a transceiver with a triple frequency conversion, to be more precise, the third conversion is used for AM / FM modes.

The first conversion was performed on a pair of standard quartz filters at a central frequency of 45 MHz. The second transformation, a self-made 8 and a crystal quartz filter at 6 MHz. The third transformation used a standard five introductory piezoceramic filter with a frequency of 455 kHz.

At the moment, I have:


Synthesizer board

Strip Filter Card (BPF)

Low-pass filter card (LPF)

Amplifier board


All boards have been pre-configured, it remains to assemble the stand and connect them together. Actually, that's what I'm going to do.

And so, I finished with the assembly of the stand, everything connected and made the first launch of the transceiver

Here's how it all looks now :)

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