This is a DSP filter for sound processing. It can be used both for processing the signal from the microphone during transmission and for the audio signal upon reception. As the only filter for direct conversion technology or as an additional filter in transceiver devices.

The filter has several fixed settings with the following bandwidth:

SSB Bandpass filter
All filters cut from the bottom 200 Hz .
1.Slice frequency from the top 2.9 kHz. (closed jumper 4)
2. Slice frequency from the top 2.7 kHz. (closed jumper 5)
3. Slice frequency from the top 2.4 kHz. (closed jumper 6)
4. Slice frequency from the top 2.2 kHz. (closed jumper 7)
5. Slice frequency from the top - 7 kHz. (closed jumper 8)

There are also two filters and a "Shift" mode for "CW"

CW Bandpass filter
CW Bandpass filter for RX shift 700Hz(closed jumper 1) and 600Гц (opened jumper 1)
1.300Hz (closed jumper 2)
2.500Hz (closed jumper 3)

Despite the simplicity of the filter, it has very good squareness characteristics, namely 0.2 for -80dB
Setting the signal level at the input is simple; we raise the signal level until the "Status" LED starts to blink slightly.


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Аccessories - Crumb DSP Filter for Transceiver Equipment

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