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Is there an integrated SWR meter?
I normally operate portable with a magnetic loop. Having an internal SWR meter is very useful to me. Does yours radio have one? Thanks
K1FM[ 10/03/2018 ]
  • If you ask about "Minion Mini" no, the built-in SWR meter is not provided. 
    Support[ 11/03/2018 ]
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QRPver DC-3001 Transceiver ready for sale?
When do you expect that the QRPver DC-3001 Transceiver is ready for sale?
Lars[ 11/02/2018 ]
  • At the moment, the transceiver is in the testing phase.

    While we can not say when he will appear on the storefront. But we assume that this will happen soon.

    Developer[ 11/02/2018 ]
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transceiver 1-30 MHz QRP QRPver-101
Hello, I wanted to know if you ship to Europe, in Italy. If you could possibly tell me the shipping times. Thank you
Renato[ 14/01/2018 ]
  • Yes, we ship. Usually parcels reach 20 days. But this time is from 10 to 60 days.
    Support[ 01/02/2018 ]
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Quisiera saber el importe del envio y gastos del transceptor QRPVER. Gracias y un saludo. EA4EED. BADAJOZ. SPAIN.
FRANK SANCHEZ[ 05/12/2017 ]
  • When placing an order on the site, the system automatically calculates all costs.
    Support[ 01/02/2018 ]
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What do u use for data cord and will this work with wolfi link
George tibbetts[ 04/11/2017 ]
  • Could you please clarify what your question is about?
    Support[ 04/11/2017 ]
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When I connect the QRPVER 1.3 (using 4 pin audio) It Gets Stuck in TX.
I am able to receive clearly. When I plug in the 4 pin audio cable it goes straight to TX and I don't see what I can do to correct this situation. Do you have any suggestions, please?
Adrian[ 23/10/2017 ]
  • You may be connecting the pins incorrectly, and you have to close the two end contacts. See User Manual, there are connection schemes.

    Support[ 24/10/2017 ]
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Why is there an extra charge for Paypal?
Why is there an extra (far over priced) charge on Paypal? It does not costs you extra. I'm a seller too so this supriced me and I have to think a while before i order. 73 Hans PD1AHM
Hans[ 26/05/2017 ]
  • This is due to the fact that in our country there is no possibility to accept PayPal directly and we have to accept payment through the gateway where a commission is charged for each transfer of funds.
    Support[ 26/05/2017 ]
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My 20m JT65 rig will not transmit.
I have a 20m PSK and JT65 transceivers, they are identical and new. I connect the PSK radio to the USB port and it transmits and receives just fine, switch it all over to the JT65 and nothing, no transmit. But it does receive fine. The radio just arrived today, it's brand new.
greg stoddard[ 28/03/2017 ]
  • Each transceiver instance has a different VOX sensitivity. Perhaps you need to add a signal level from the sound card.
    Support[ 06/04/2017 ]
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QRPver-1 v.2 работа на двух частотах
Спасибо за ответ! Тогда еще вопрос по QRPver-1 v.2, при работе на фиксированной частоте скажем 14,076 в JT65 какую полосу он будет охватывать? Не захватит ли он частоту JT9 - 14,078 ?
Александр[ 20/03/2017 ]
  • Полоса пропускания трансивера 2.9 Khz
    Support[ 20/03/2017 ]
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Александр[ 19/03/2017 ]
  • К сожалению нет,

    Этот трансивер может работать только на одной конкретной частоте.

    Для работы на разных участках диапазона возможно ваз заинтересует другая модель, перейдите по ссылке

    Support[ 19/03/2017 ]
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Output Power DC-3001 Transceiver
There is no hf output power in ssb when speaking at normal noise. Tested in 20m band. The power goes upt to ~4W when shouting very very loud in the microphone. I would expect 1-2W at normal noise. The microphone is from my Kennwood TS 480. Is there a special microphone needed?
Christian Fuchs[ 13/05/2019 ]
Firmware Revision
How can I check the firmware revision in the transceiver menue. There seems to be no sqeeze or iambic menu option.
Walter Barteczek[ 19/03/2019 ]
  • What device are we talking about?
    Support[ 20/03/2019 ]
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